Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Heads

Due to overwhelming demand....well the demand of one anyways! Our friends at
All access to Jack asked me to post our pumpkin carving fun!

If you are a FB friend you can go here to see the fun, if not....enjoy the pics

So this year, we chose these four pumpkins!
One XL, one LARGE, one MEDIUM & one SMALL

WHEW, We know we had our work cut out for us:

It sure took a lot of elbow grease! Brendan did great this year, He took charge of his pumpkin, Max's pumpkin & even helped with josies! Luckily daddy stepped in to help him with the harder parts .

At last but not least....

One big happy family & one big happy
PUMPKIN family!!

I for one and pretty geeked that my "doggy" pumpkin turned out so well. I can only take credit for the drawing, brendan & daddy did the  rest.

For the first year josie was more into helping up carve pumpkins, which is great for her dexterity, she even helped a bit. But of course mommy took over, not wanting her pumpkin to look bad. Isn't that crazy?!? someday i will reliquish control over the little things, until then, yes our pumpkins need to look cute and the kids need to match when they leave the house. That my friends is a nother post all together!

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