Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our little budding....MckMama??

Josie has always loved taking pictures, ever since mommy starting taking them almost non-stop when she was born! We officially have more pictures that I can scrapbook!

Over the holidays, she has become obsessed with our tripod! We let her use our old sony camera, and she has begun to flash away! She learned to use the timer, and even set up self portraits. Her favorite things to photograph are her new dollhouse, family & randomness....Hmmmmm wonder if she will grow up to be a great photographer like Mckmama? A girl can only hope!

You can click Here to see some of her recent work. This will link you to snapfish. Here are a few sneak peaks!

setting up her shot

Her doll house
(thanks santa)

close up of the living room for her dollhouse

Not sure what are artistic edge was here, any insight mckmama?

family portraits

catching daddy in the act of napping...

All this and only 1 month shy of 4 years old? and to think when she was born her fingers were all fused together? and now, she has 10 beautiful fingers and enough dexterity to use them to shoot these awesome photos! I hope she has as much confidence when she is a teenager that she has now!

What do you think?


  1. Nice job!!! These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Josie definitely has a great eye! My oldest is older than her and has no interest in taking his own photos. How wonderful that your daughter already has such passion!

    And you can tell her I admire her artistic angles, too:) Great work, Josie!

  3. Very nice!! Keep those pictures coming!

  4. Great pictures. Josie is looking so grown up and she's only not even 4. Wow!