Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Beauties....

Not so long ago, my baby girl had hands shaped like mittens, only one small little thumb free to explore the world

(josies hand prints about a week after birth)

Believe it or not, she figured out how to palm just about anything, infact she still can, kinda like spidey....

Then when Josie was 1 she stared having hand surgeries to seperate her fingers. Now we always knew Josies fingers would and will never function like yours and ours....She has NO Joints, so her fingers do not bed, only at the knuckle. We traveled all the way to Kentucky to have the very best hand surgeon we could find. You can find him here: His name is Dr. Luis Scheker and he performs miracles

It took 3 surgeries to separate her fingers, 1 to straighten her index fingers, 9 weeks of casts to give us the precious ability to hold her hand, to be able to feel her stroke our faces, to intertwine our fingers and it is awesome. Still every time she rubs my arms or holds my hands I get the chills. 

We never doubted our choice in going to Dr. Scheker, and this is proof why. We have seen and met many kids with apert syndrome and seen all types of hands. We are so very lucky that Josie's hands (which had a lot of bone fusion and no promise of 5 fingers) are so AWESOME.

How can you not smile when she brings home her "han-ints" from preschool??
She is so proud her work, and she does not even understand why she should be so proud! So precious and so innocent. So thankful we have such great doctors!!

Josie is just so thankful she can change her babies "oppey diaper" Is she amazing or what??


  1. This is a lovely post! Way to go, Josie!

  2. those are the most beautiful hand prints I have ever seen:) Great job Josie...