Thursday, October 8, 2009

The reason for hair dye....

On our recent weekend trip to my cousin danielles wedding, i earned at least 100 more grey hairs! We traveled to Indiana and stayed in a hotel (which by the way was the highlight to the kids weekend). For some reason my kids LOVE hotels. And I mean LOVE, when we pulled into the parking lot, Josie was clapping and chanting "hotel hotel hotel".

Boy did I feel sorry for the other people on our floor, our kids are not exactly quiet... Not only did we stay there, so did all my kids grandparents, greatgrandma & aunt and uncle. So my kids thought this was free rain to run around from room to room.

Onto the big grey hair event.....Us girls decided to walk to the store next to the hotel. On the way back, Brendan who was hanging with the papa's and daddy was looking out the window and waving to us...Then he crawled up onto the window ledge/sill/airconditioner.....Then he tried to unlock and pull up to open the window......You can imagine our fear (no screens, 6th floor--you can do the math).

As you can imagine a whole lotta screaming took place, fumbling for our cell phones, fumbling to dial our cell phones, rushing up the elevator, then a bit of mommy scolding. Seriously I think he took 10 years off my life. I never imagined that hotel windows would open like a regular window, or would not have a screen?? Yes, my darling husband did remind me they only opened a few inches...but you never know. What if the window just fell out of the wall. Yes a bit far fetched, but I tell you the worrying us moms have to do is exhausting!!

How could you not love him??

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