Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor of love

Our first camping trip is in the history books and we all survived, or that is mark survived us! The kids were a bit high-strung demanding, I was getting over my sinus infection, and marks allergies were in high gear! But we had a good time, great weather, and max was GREAT! (maybe even better than the kids).

We arrived at sterling state park about 520pm on friday and were all set up and ready to go by 6pm! Tent was a breeze, we had a great spot-right near the bathroom, yeah for me, bad for josie (she wanted to go every five seconds just to see what was going on). We got dinner, bike ride, bon-fire & hobo pizza's all in on the first night. Whew will we do rest of the weekend??

Let's see: more bike riding, beach time, more bonfires, smores, playground, listen to kids argue, whine & cry. All in all good family fun! Packed up on sunday and headed home to hang out with family, have a bonfire in backyard and chill before the first day of school!

Yep folks, it is now monday evening 830pm and kids are in bed asleep, backpacks packed and we are T-minus 10 hours till we get up and ready for school! Even Josie is starting preschool tomorrow! She will go Monday thru Thursday from 9a-1130a. The school bus will pick her up and drop her off at daycare, how cool is that! She is in a program through early intervention, so we are pretty confident she will be ready for kindergarden at the "normal" age. We are so incredible proud of her!

Josie has come so far for such a young age, of course she has the biggest cheering crowd around! One of them being Brendan! Who will be entering 2nd grade with Mrs. Masnari @ Coolidge elementary. He is a bit bummed his "friend" emma is not in his class, but has assured us they will meet on the playground after lunch. He is truly a funny soul, a bit trying at times, but who is suprised? Mark is his father, and brendan is his mini-me!

I am off to bed, gotta get my rest so I can get those two kiddos up and ready in the AM!

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