Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The wheels on the bus....

Go round and round, round and round....

Our first day of school went great! Kids got up and in "ok" moods. Josie was super excited & once brendan was "awake" he was excited as well. Brendan was excited that Josh & Christian would ride the bus with him, since he says Julianna is "crazy" now. Josie was so excited, she wore her backpack all morning!

After brendan was on the bus, off to preschool we went! She squeeled with delight as we entered the parking lot! Demanded her picture be taken in front of the school, but once we entered the doors: her lips were SEALED! We found her locker, put her bag away and met her teacher and para-pros. She also has a student teacher this year. We filled out the necessary paperwork and then played for the remainder of the hour! 

While josie is still playing with goodies her teacher gave to her, brendan is "resting" in front of the TV not giving school a second thought! 
Gotta love 7 year olds!

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  1. Hi! I just read your post over on MckMama's forum and wanted to stop by your blog and say hello. My daughter was born with Larsen's Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder that for her caused dislocated hips, knees, some feet malformations, and a spinal instability. LS can cause craniofacial problems too but my daughter did not have those issues. She has spent a lot of time in casts and a neck brace. She now has a halo because she has had to spinal fusions since July. I totally get what you meant about the staring and comments! It's unbelievable the things people will say. Anywho...I'll quit rambling now! Just wanted to stop by and say hey!